My Story

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to a family of musicians, dancers and actors. My first steps, according to my grandfather, the great Venezuelan composer Aldemaro Romero, were on a stage while he was conducting one of his wonderful pieces in tempo "andante" which means "walking".

My love for music and arts started at the age of 2.5 when I first step on stage. I studied Music, Dance, Theatre and Arts since a very young age at the most prestigious Dance and Theatre Schools and Music Conservatories in Caracas, Venezuela. I have been lucky to be a dancer myself, an actress and a singer. I am bilingual and I also have a BA in Special Education and Educational Psychology. All these tools have helped me capture "that special moment" through my lens.

I started doing photography at the age of 17 when I received a small point and shoot camera and started taking pictures of dancers, children and pretty much everything around me. I fell in love with it and decided to save some money to buy a camera that will help me achieve my goal, but the situation in Venezuela was hard so I had to leave my country and move to US where I was able to pursue much more. After relocating to Miami I could afford a used Nikon D40 and the kit lens that came with it. It was a limited option, but I was determined to create wonders and keep the memories of those I photographed for many years to come. I started attending local dance performances and taking pictures backstage of some of the dancers, by the wings or in the front of the house.

I was later called to take pictures from the audience and to my surprise it was a success. That is when my professional career as a photographer began. It's been over 25 years since I started taking pictures and 18 since I started doing it professionally in Miami, and it's been an incredible journey.

I have grown with the dancers I photograph. Some started in small roles in the Nutcracker, and now they dance professionally in local companies, or in other companies in the US and internationally. I have been lucky to be around important artists who have called me to document their own journey and have given me the opportunity to build my own path as a photographer.

I have been the photographer for very important artistic, dance events and other related performing arts work in Miami, such as Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, Dance Now Miami, the International Ballet Festival of Miami, Chayanne (Miami Tour), El Nuevo Teatro, Bolivar Phil Orchestra, Kameristika Chamber Orchestra, 305 PR, Encantus Voices, Ensemble 7/4, Aldemaro Romero Foundation, Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler, Juan Carlos Ruiz at Paseo de Las Artes, Miami International Ballet Competition, Turn It Up Dance Challenge National Tour, Maria Teresa Chacin, Telenovela Grachi for Nikelodeon Latin America, Telenovela La Playa with Glauber Barcelo for Telemundo Miami, Orlando Urdaneta, The Opera Atelier, The Arts en Pointes (Pointe Ballet shoes exhibit), Youth America Grand Prix Finals in Tampa 2022, Dance Open America 2022 and many more.

My work has been published in The Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, El Nuevo Herald, Miami New Times, Community News, Aventura News, Hong Kong Dance Magazine, Danza en Escena (Spain), Miami ArtZine, Arts Burst, El Lugareño (Cuba), Dance for You Magazine, Culture Owl, Diario Las Americas, Brickell Magazine, La Nota Latina, The Wonderful World of Dance in London, a Special feature in X-Posure Magazine in Turkey and also published in many more magazines and important newspapers in Denmark, Peru, Brasil, Indonesia, Panama, Ecuador, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Germany, South Africa, Poland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey and Malaysia. Also featured in two dance books, Vision 21/21 by Baltasar Santiago Marin, and La Danza en Miami (1998-2017) by Orlando Taquechel.

I must say I am very proud of my achievements, I've never taken any official photography class, but I've learned on the way by try and error, by asking questions to my fellow photographers, which I respect and I have achieved their respect as well, and by self-instruction watching videos on the web, but most importantly by listening to the dancers and the artists view trying to learn from them as much as I can.

I still love to take pictures while no one is watching from the wings of a theater, and I firmly believe a candid picture is worth a thousand memories.